Mar 20, 2013

Here we go again....

I promise this is the REAL thing now! NO MORE slacking... Life gets so crazy and there is nothing I love more than spending time with my sweet family.. Now I just need to do a lot better at capturing and remembering and BLOGGING about all these precious times!!!

I will make this "catch up" short and sweet.  The last time I posted Emery was 3 months old!! Holy Cow!!! How time flies... Now she is almost 18 Months and if she sees a 3 month old she'll run up to them and say, "baby, baby, baby" over and over and over again!!! She is seriously the funniest little girl I have ever known and she is MINE :)  Here are a few things about her, cause lets be honest, that's all anyone cares about :) Or is that just me...

-Emery started crawling at 5 months old
-She started crawling and standing up to furniture, etc at 8 months old and she was WALKING at 11 months old!!!
-Her first words were mama, dada, Jack (her cousin) and Papa and Nana
-Now she is a talking machine... it has been so fun to see her grow, I'll wake up to her talking and "teaching" herself words in her crib.  Some of her favorites are, Thank You, I love you, Baby, Apple, Apple Juice, Halle (her cousin) Mouse (mickey & "maycee her other cousin) Layla, Ellie (cousin, dog & friend) Airplane, No, Sorry, Pirates, Buckle (she is obsessed with buckles) Marshmallows (also obsessed with) Dog, Bye Bye, Love you Bye, Please, Sit, Now (she likes to taunt me and repeat when i say that word to her) little stinker ;)  Night Night, Again, More, Heavenly Father, Amen, Happy Day. 
The list just keeps going and I'm sure I'm missing a bunch of them. 
-She started going to the nursery at 16 months, Adam and I teach primary so they gave her permission to go in early.
-She loves folding her arms and saying her prayers.  We have taught her how to and now she insists on folding her arms and saying a "prayer" every time before she eats.  It is the cutest thing in this entire world!!!
- She loves basketball and can pass and shoot it in the basket better than I can ;)
- She has never been afraid of and LOVES dogs!
-Pretty much she loves every animal
-She took her first airplane ride last week when we went to Arizona and did so well.. she loves airplanes
-She has some dang good dance moves and can get LOW! She loves dancing to any kind of music whenever it comes on but especially the Hot Dog Dance on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
-She loves to brush her teeth and says "fluoride" as soon as she is done cause she knows that is the next thing and loves when I give her some drops in her mouth.
- She says her L's better than any kid her age I have ever seen.
- She continues to give the best hugs and kisses and has started making the "kiss noise" To. Die. For.
-Her best friend is her Papa (grandpa Chuck)
-She got a HORRIBLE case of primary Herpes last month. (15 months) She had cold sores all over her tongue, lips and gums and her gums were so swollen.. I'm not lying when I say it is the saddest thing I have ever had to deal with.  She did not eat for a whole week and would barely drink.  We took her to 3 different doctors and there really just wasn't much we could do for her.  It took about 16 days for it to go away and be completely healed... Worst 16 days of our life! I felt so bad for my sweet girl :(
-She still sleeps in her crib and still hasn't had very many all-nighters
-She has been completely spoiled and loves to sleep with her mommy and daddy
-She loves being rocked to sleep and sang to
-She loves reading books
-She loves riding her bike around the house
-She is obsessed with babies!!! 
-She has never been a picky eater.. some of her favorites are: Tuna fish, PB & J, Mac n' cheese, fish, chicken nuggets, yogurt, strawberries, bananas, blueberries, oatmeal, eggs, spaghetti, pork, chicken, and the list goes on... she really will eat ANYTHING!
-There are a thousand more things I'm sure I'm missing and there will be 1,000 more to come but she has been and continues to be the sweetest, BEST little girl who is such a Daddy's AND a Mommy's girl.  We are so lucky every day to have her and wake up to her sweet smile, which, by the way is the sweetest, cheesiest, funniest, smile EVER!!!  We love you Emery!

Pics to come soon...As well as an update on OUR life!!!

Dec 21, 2011

3 Months old!!!

Emery turned 3 MONTHS on Dec. 21st! Holy Cow! Time flies and we have never been more in love! Here are some things about our little Em...

*She has a scream that could win awards for how high and how loud it is!
*She has surprised us with a couple of rollovers! (from back to front, still working on front to back)
*She is about 15 pounds, perfect and Healthy!
*A day does not go by where she is not complimented by a complete stranger!
*She has a smile and DIMPLES that could cheer up anyone's bad day!
*She sleeps all night! (most of the nights)
*She has never fought us when it comes time for her to take a nap.. she loves to sleep!
*Her bowel movements are more regular (and yes, this is a big deal for us) :)
*She LOVES her bath and would live in the tub if we let her!
*She loves her bumbo and can sit straight up in it!
*She is starting to play with her hands a lot and show interest in some toys!
*She loves watching sports with her dad!
*She is the PERFECT cuddle buddy!
*She LOVES her carseat and will almost immediately fall asleep when we go for a car ride!
*She recognizes and smiles at anyone in her family!
*She is a slobber fest! She loves to eat her hands and chew on whatever she can get her hands on!

We took Emery to the Jazz game to celebrate her 3 months!! She loved it.. She just stared at all the lights and everything going on and she didn't even hate all the noise! We got to sit in Grandma's suite and everyone there loved having Em to look at when the game got boring ;)  She fell asleep toward the end but I think it's safe to say we all had a good time!! (Especially Daddy)

Nov 1, 2011

Emery's 1st photoshoot!

I decided to take Emery over to Fotofly to get some cute pictures taken of her.  They did an excellent job and they are all so nice... Emery got to try twice, the first time we went she was WIDE awake so we couldn't get any cute sleeping pictures... but the 2nd try we were able to get tons of cuter pics! She did a great job and I'm so glad I have some pictures of her as a newborn :)

Oct 15, 2011

And then there were 3.. Birth Story!

Emery Pamela Pace was born on Wednesday, September 21st at 7:35 PM.  Due to high blood pressure toward the end of my pregnancy I was induced at Alta View Hospital.  Adam and I went in for our 39 week Dr's appointment on Tuesday the 20th of September.  At that appointment, my goal was to get my wonderful doctor to either induce me or break my water and put me in to labor :)  I was so done being pregnant by this time and I just wanted my little girl here!  At our appointment that morning, they checked my blood pressure and checked on the baby's location and checked on my cervix to see if it was ready yet.  I was only dilated to a 1+, which I had been for weeks now, and I was about 70% effaced.  The Dr checked the position of the baby to see if it would be safe to break my water... we tried that before and she was in a dangerous spot so the Dr did not feel comfortable doing it that way.  This time, she was in a little bit better of a spot but the Dr still said there was a pocket of fluid by her face and it still wouldn't be the best thing.  I was so disappointed until I heard him say "But, I don't love your blood pressure and that is enough to get this baby here today!" WOO HOO!! The high blood pressure wasn't really bothering me yet so at that moment I was SO GRATEFUL for the 180/120 on the machine!! We were about to meet our baby girl!!!  The Dr then told us that he was going to induce me that night.  He sent us home and told us to wait for a call from Labor & Delivery, get our bags packed and head over!  That was at about 7:30 in the morning... we did not hear from Labor & Delivery until 8:30 PM! Boy was that the longest day of my life!!!  We were so anxious that whole day... They told me I could eat so my mom took Adam and I to Cafe Rio that night.  I didn't eat a lot cause I was nervous I'd get sick but I'm pretty sure Adam ate like a King since he wasn't sure what kind of eating he'd be doing in the next couple of days!  We went home after dinner and I got in a nice little nap.  Labor & Delivery called us to come in at about 8:30.  We got to the hospital at 9:00 that night and got checked in.  My room # was 205 and I could swear I had the nicest nurse out of anyone that night... and the funny thing was, come to find out, we were related!  I got changed in to my sexy hospital gown and we were just talking with the nurse.. She told us her last name is Pace and wondered if we were related.. Adam threw out some names and we found out that Grandpa Pace was her uncle!  So she was Adam's Dad's cousin!  She was so sweet and took really good care of me.. I know Grandpa Pace is watching over us and hand picked her for me! Thanks Tom! :)  After I got hooked up to an IV and a blood pressure machine, she started me on what is called Cydotek to soften my cervix and Magnesium Sulfate (HBP medicine.) That stuff made me feel like I got ran over by a truck!  Adam and I actually got a pretty good night of sleep that night.  She was able to get Adam a more comfortable bed and, well, I had all the popsicles and ice chips I could ask for and the bed wasn't too bad so I felt great!  The next morning was GO TIME!  The Dr came in at about 6:00 AM and broke my water and started me on Pitocin.  Adam said that part was pretty cool.. He was such a trooper, he wanted to watch EVERYTHING that any of the Drs or nurses did to me.. He loves that stuff!  That day was a long long LONG day!  Luckily, my mom and my sister and a couple of good friends Chelsie and Marlee came to visit and give Adam a break.  My sister was an angel.. brought stuff to do my makeup and brushed my hair for me and even offered to buy me a cute ring at the gift shop if I was a good girl :)  My mom was also a Godsend.. she rubbed my feet for me and got me whatever I needed.  They both fed me ice chips too, which was the best since I was starving at this point!  Adam was so wonderful too, he held my hand (& my leg) through it all :)  Back to me, I started to feel the contractions closer together and A LOT more painful and by about 9:00 AM, I had the anesthesiologist come in and give me my epidural.  I was really nervous for that part as I thought about a giant needle being stuck into my spine but it really was not too bad!  I just talked to everyone as he was placing it and tried to stay calm and make jokes!  Adam, of course, was right behind the anesthesiologist watching all the action!  He loved it.. He actually got so close at one point that the Dr had to tell him to back up since it was a "sterile area." Haha, getting in trouble, I love that boy!  So, yeah the epidural was not bad AT ALL and it saved my life.. All of the pain was gone, I honestly don't know if I could ever deal with labor pains without one! We'll see...  The day went on and the Dr and the nurses kept coming in periodically to check my dilation and effacement.  It was moving very slowly, and by about 4:00 I was only to a 6 or so, but almost fully effaced.  The nurse came in by herself at about 6:00 and checked me again.  I was a lot closer, about to a 8+ and she had me do a practice push.  She checked me a couple more times and had me do a couple more practice pushes and then told me she was going to call the Dr to come in because I was pushing so well and this baby was on her way!  Ahh... Best feeling in the world seeing your Dr come in and get ready to deliver your baby.  My mom, my sister and Adam were all there with me helping me through it.  Adam was holding a leg before he knew it and my mom and sister were taking pictures and standing by my side!  My nurse at the time of delivery was named Carie and she was the biggest sweetheart, I think her and my doctor were the best team and we worked super well together because with only 45 minutes of pushing I had my sweet, beautiful baby girl in my arms!!!  I can honestly say that was the happiest moment of my life and such a spiritual experience too.  I know that Adam's mom was there with us and I felt that Heaven was so close by.  It's so amazing how I felt and how the whole delivery went.  I can not think of a single time that I felt any pain or pressure or was even scared.  I knew I was about to bring one of God's children to this earth and be her mom and I could not have been more excited!!  They asked me, before I started pushing, if I wanted the mirror! Umm.. Heck YES I want the mirror... That answer from now on will ALWAYS be yes! It was so cool to see her come out, the moment we could see some dark hair we all got pretty emotional, but it was when her sweet head and precious face came out that I really lost it and started bawling!! It was pretty quick after she started to crown.  The rest of her body came out so fast and before I knew it she was laying on my chest!   She was so perfect, only cried a little bit when she came out and she did so good when the Dr and nurses were checking her and poking her with needles :)  She is a tough chick!  I got to hold her for a few minutes and I just kept crying and kissing her.. There is nothing like a mother's love and seeing your baby for the first time!  I would do that over and over again just to have that feeling more often!  So, there she was... Emery Pamela Pace. She was 8 pounds 10 ounces and 20 inches long!  Beautiful, healthy, PERFECT little girl!  My dad, my brother, and my sis n law all came to be with us that night and meet our new little bundle of joy.  Adam's Dad and Step-mom Connie also came to be with us... But like I said before, I felt like there were others there... It was Amazing and I was so grateful for everyone's love and support and most of all I was grateful to have such an incredible Dr! I love Dr. Later and would recommend him to anyone!  The nurses were all really great too!  After Emery was born, they put me on Oxygen and more Blood Pressure medicine because I was starting to get really dizzy.  Dr later said I lost a lot more blood than what is normal and I needed to just lay down and wait to see my baby again till the next morning.  As much as I wanted to be with her that night, I let the nurses take her to the nursery so that I could get my blood pressure under control and get some sleep. Adam got to spend some time with her though.  He fed her and held her and had his "moment"  He is seriously the cutest and best Dad!   So, there is my story... A wonderful labor and delivery and an amazing experience that I would do over and over again!  I love my new little family!!!

Here are some pictures from the hospital.  Due to a wet towel on my head and giving birth I don't look so great so please excuse the mess! But she sure is cute ;)

 The first night... and last picture of my baby bump!
 Adam and I the next morning.. ready for our baby girl!!
 Such a supportive husband... I'm a lucky girl!
 The screen we watched to show how close my contractions were and monitor my blood pressure.. Yep, minute apart and I could feel them even with the epidural!  MORE PLEASE!!!


My sweet nurse, Carie
 My incredible doctor and my sweet, sweet BABY GIRL!
 A Mother's love <3  I could just stare at her all day!
Emery Pamela Pace... 8 lb 10 oz 20 in
 Daddy-Daughter time... Love at first sight!

 Grandma Connie
 Grandpa Kevin
 Emery grabbed on to Adam's finger.. Sweetest thing ever!
 Kristin... thank you for ALL of your help, best sister in the world right here!  AND... I earned my ring for being a good girl :)
 Grandma Tami... thank you for being there through it all, I couldn't have done it without you!
 Looking at and LOVING my new little sweetheart... she is sooooooo yummy!
 Such a good daddy!

Halle LOVES Emery!   Jack Loves her too!  She is lucky to have such sweet cousins!
Aunt Sally! Thanks for coming to see her when she got here! We love you!!                                               
 Papa Chuck! Thanks for watching her so I could sleep! I'm sure she loved her day with grandpa :)
 Found her thumb basically right when she was out!
 So in LOVE! ... With her, not my hairdo ;)
Cute Marlee and Dan came to visit.. They're next!
Just chillin in her bed.. loved the gangster hoodie!
Happy but sad to be leaving the hospital!
So tiny in her carseat.. she loved it!

Going home!!!  We loved our stay at Alta View. Minus the blood pressure machine beeping SO loud every half an hour or so and the nurses sometimes taking a while to come in and turn it off, the nurses and doctors were all great and the service was excellent.  It's going to be hard to go home and not have someone every minute of the day to get me whatever I want! We look forward to starting REAL life with our little Emery.. :)